If you came here looking for a complete filmography, just give up and look at Brian's IMDB entry. And if you came here looking for endless pretentious rumination, then you're in the right place at the wrong time.

Strictly (well, loosely) informational pages:

  • Stage work - it's not definitive, it's not well-informed. But there's no handy site I can link to that already has it.
  • Radio - So you thought you heard a familiar voice in...?
  • Behind the Camera/In Front of the Stage - well, you know, the other stuff
  • "Did you know that..." - a page of highly suspect Croucheriana (but entirely true, honest, gov)
  • Serve the cause by becoming an intelligence agent for the site
  • Coming soon:

  • Travis: Post-Feminist Icon In a Feminist World
  • The Role of Art Deco Design Arts In Building One's Robot Army
  • Twelve Easy Knots (With Diagrams) For Soldiers

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