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I know what you're asking: It's Christmas, where's our panto? My recent work on the site has led me to believe there should be one listed here, but, honestly, I don't know of any. And it's not wilfull ignorance due to the entire genre striking the fear of God into me, honest. A very tiny and peppermint-striped God, with curls. Oh crap, time to go make a burnt offering of a tiny Christmas pudding to Dick Whittington's cat to offset my blasphemy...

There's a rumour floating around that an indie film called Eva 17 is in production as we speak (or perhaps years ago, as there's no date on the page), with Mr Croucher and a bunch of south-east Asian guitar-playin' rock girls.

To be filed under "lack of". Note the dearth of anything Croucher-related at this Canterbury Festival thing. However, feel free to attend anyway. Support the arts, kids - it keeps you one step ahead of the competition, and snarks off the Republican party, which is no bad thing in this day and age.

Okay, I didn't find out until after it happened, so it's sort of cheating to put it in the news section, but there was this Radio Kent thing, n' all...

September 20th - Kaldor City 5: "Checkmate" released. You know where to get it.

Brian Croucher is appearing in the forthcoming I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, a gangster film by Get Carter director Mike Hodges, and starring Clive Owen, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Charlotte Rampling, and Malcolm McDowell. As of June 2003, filming is apparently complete. But then, it's also apparently making the film festival rounds already, as Mike Hodges was nominated for an award at the Moscow International Film Festival (26/6/03) for this one.
UK Premiere: August 23, 2003 Edinburgh International Film Festival
Canadian Premiere: September 9, 2003 Toronto Film Festival
Tentative release date: April 2004

A release date for the fifth installment of the Kaldor City series, confirmedly including Brian's recurring character Cotton, has been announced. It will be released on September 20, 2003, and available from

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